The Weekly Roundup – 20.06.22

Hello and welcome all! With Summer shining right around the corner, crack open some cold tracks to replenish the vibe 🎵 

Let’s dive in… 

*Track 1 (Afro Hip Hop) Black Sherif – “Kwaku the Traveller” 

We’re delighted to present to you the first track of this weekly roundup with the recent release from Afro Popstar, Black Sherif and his single “Kwaku the Traveller” produced by Joker Nharnah who’s sweet production works smoothly with Sherif’s slick flow. After his incredible and viral performance at the 3Music awards, where he won Breakthrough act of the year, Hip Life/ Hip Hop Act of the year, Hip Hop song of the (second sermon) and song of the year (second sermon), the Ghanaians heartfelt bop continues to grow and proudly represents the rise of African talent. A must listen guaranteed to fill playlists on platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple & the official music video on YouTube down below! ↓🎵

*Track 2 (Dancehall/Reggae) Tearah – “Big Up Dancehall” 

The second track of this week’s roundup comes from Digital One Productions’ “Appraisal Riddim”. This various artist album sees upcomer Tearah and his single “Big Up Dancehall” share the spotlight along with the likes of greats such as Beenie Man, Capleton, G Whizz, Badda General + more. Tearah asserts his position with the big names and delivers one of the best tracks on the album. A great vocal execution that leaves you synchronised with the catchy beat and indulged with the gentle bass. A fun track with the good vibes of Reggae/Dancehall. Available to listen on Spotify, Deezer, Apple & the official music video on YouTube down below! ↓🎵 ↓

*Track 3 (R & B/Rap) N-Dubz – “Charmer”   

Coming in hot at track number 3, we’re delighted to present to you the return of the notorious UK Hip Hop trio,         N-Dubz (Dappy, Tulisa, Fazer)! With over 10 years out of the Music industry as a group, we have seen a LOT change over the years. With most recognizable member Dappy pursuing a successful solo career on and off during the decade of the group’s absence, with bangers such as 100(Built for This), RUNDMC, Trill, Oh My, Daily Duppy and his most recent album release “Fortune”. On the other hand, pop singer Tulisa has endured a quiet time with very few releases since her debut album “The Female Boss” in 2012, with only a couple memorable releases such as “Living Without You” in 2014 and her two 2019 summer tracks “Daddy” & “Sippin”. The last third of the group leaves us with the platinum selling rapper, songwriter, producer & DJ, Fazer. Arguably the dark horse of the group in comparison to his peers, though probably the most technically gifted as some may have missed that he has written and produced three certified platinum studio albums and secured 8 top 40 records during his time. His recent work shows us he hasn’t lost any melody as he proves this on his most recent single “Tears”. Enough about the individuals, it’s time for N-Dubz! The group seemed to of bounced back out of the blue which shocked and relieved fans. With timeless bangers such as No Regrets, I Need You, Number 1, Na Na, I Swear and more, fans can finally expect more music to release soon, especially with their UK tour in November 2022. This track here gives us afro elements mixed with the hip hop sound with tuneful vocal performances from all three. it’s like they have never left the spotlight with their new single “Charmer”, leaving fans with a nostalgic and classic N-Dubz. Available to listen on Spotify, Deezer, Apple & the official music video on YouTube down below! ↓🎵 ↓

*Track 4 (Hip Hop/ Rap) Tion Wayne ft La Roux – “IFTK”  

Wrapping up this week’s roundup we have the fresh release of Tion Waynes “IFTK” (In For The Kill) featuring La Roux and an amazing sample from her smash hit “In For The Kill”. Tion Wayne knows what he’s doing when it comes to making a memorable tune. Over recent years we have seen the Grime/Drill scene really take over, with vocal sampling from various artists becoming very popular with the genre, introducing the sound to a more mainstream audience. A great job on this track alone as Tion Wayne secures another guaranteed summer hit, with his lyrical ability and delivery that intertwines with La Roux’s Violent song title, onto a typically violent genre of music that surprisingly ends up generating an emotive track with great storytelling from Tion. An overall incredible song, bringing La Roux back into the spotlight with her sharing a satisfying involvement on the track and music video. Available to listen on Spotify, Deezer, Apple & the official music video on YouTube down below! ↓🎵↓

We hope you enjoyed the picks for this weekly roundup!  

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Have a great week and see you in the next one! 


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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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