Afro*Disiac Live Radio 

Community and Employability Course

Our Community and Employability course is FREE developed out of the passion for sharing the power of community radio and passing on radio knowledge and skills to young individuals. It also is an opportunity to highlight all the potential avenues of employment to learners interested in radio.

We deliver our course over four weeks for an hours session each Saturday.

We teach to small groups of up to seven students, this is because we feel our course is best delivered to a smaller group to maximise individual attention and devote enough practical work time to each learner.

Our aims are to:

  • Introduce learners to the community radio sector
  • Introduce learners to radio production
  • Support learners in developing skills to support them in finding employment
  • To assist learners in developing personal and social skills and functional skills

In this training, learners will develop their skills and raise their 

confidence in:

  • Understanding the history of radio and its importance today
  • The roles and employment opportunities available in radio
  • Development of digital media production skills
  • Using ICT
  • Interviewing and being interviewed
  • Radio etiquette
  • Scriptwriting
  • Producing a show

By the end of the course learners should be able to:

  • Identify their strengths and areas they would like to improve
  • Compare and contrast a variety of radio stations, programming, target audiences and presenter styles
  • Understand the difference between community radio and other radio sectors
  • Understand what makes teamwork well together
  • Have an understanding of legal restrictions and broadcasting guidelines
  • Use a variety of sources to research programme ideas and in finding employment
  • Plan radio programmes using running orders
  • Write and deliver effective links
  • Research and plan an interview preparing appropriate questions
  • Work in a group to prepare a short radio programme

Meet the team!

Julia Hanlon – Radio Programs Director and Course Instructor

Raymond Nyenje – Founder – Director Afro*Disiac Live Radio

Beckee White – YEP Director- Coordinator 

Pixi J – DJ and Course Instructor

For More Information about our courses please contact:

Tel: 01202 294842