The Weekly Roundup 10.06.22

Welcome everyone! Here’s to another week and another brand-new roundup!  

Let’s dive in…  

Track 1 (Hip Hop/Rap) 

Sophie DeMasi, Double C, S-Town, MsBambii, 23Trill & G2 Slime – “West Side Story” (One Vibes’ Grenfell Tribute) 


Starting off this week’s roundup we present to you West London’s up and coming artists Sophie DeMasi, Double C, S-Town, MsBambii, 23Trill & G2 Slime with their powerful track produced by platinum selling producer Toddla T, that is backed with emotional yet melodious violins, flutes & trumpets from the talented youthful orchestras (The Nucleo Project & The Mangrove Steelband). This has everything you would want in a passionate track bringing forward their poetic wisdom with descriptions of what it is like to be raised in the local area of Ladbroke Grove, West London. Sweet singing from Sophie DeMasi with her heartfelt chorus as the impressive and euphonious flows from Double C, S-Town, MsBambii, 23Trill & G2 Slime add to the bittersweet vibe. A beautiful tribute for the 72 people that sadly passed away during the tragedy of Grenfell tower, on 14 June 2017. As we approach the 5-year mark it is a reminder to appreciate our time and take a moment to pay respects to the ones less fortunate. Despite the subject surrounding this track, it’s all about positivity, unity and enjoying the music. A catchy song with good intentions and a positive cause behind the scenes, as all proceeds made from this single will be donated to One Vibe, a charity which aims to unite and support the young people of North Kensington post-Grenfell. If you want to support this worthy listen, it is available to stream on Spotify, Apple & YouTube!

Check out the official music video down below! 

Track 2 (Afrobeat) 

Burna Boy Last Last


In at track number two we have Nigerian singer-songwriter Burna Boy, with his latest single “Last Last”. Burna Boy has previously shown he can always deliver a fantastic performance with his distinct voice and getting straight into the track, some may notice it brilliantly samples 2000s hit, Toni Braxton – Wasn’t Man Enough. The sample goes too well with the afro sound! An instant banger that gets your shoulders spinning. On this song we listen to Burna Boy talk about his conflicted feelings, with a steady subject of heartbreak throughout the song. We quickly learn his mindset as he begins verse one bragging, telling his competition that they will be amazed by his accomplishments and the conversations on his status isn’t worth his time to talk, for he determines himself as a winner by default and won’t take any insult from anyone. However, his flourishing success can’t heal his heart as he tells the consumer he feels troubled because “she manipulates my love ooh, hmm”. Following up, the catchy chorus indicates how he is dealing with his love issues, saying he is not holy so therefore he will not try to hide his discomfort given how much he has cried already. The tuneful hook finalizes with “I need Igbo and shayo” (Weed and Alcohol), spoken in the language of Yoruba. Wrapping up, he states that no matter your position in life, your feelings are always going to be like a rollercoaster (Jangolova) and despite still holding on to some feelings from his heartbreak, he must let it go and have some igbo and shayo. His melodic sorrow oxymorons the immaculate vibe, as Burna Boy has another hit on his hands with “Last Last” and it won’t be the last time hearing that. available to listen on Spotify, Apple, Deezer & YouTube! 

Check out the official music video down below!                                   

Track 3 (Reggae/Drum & Bass) 

Voltage & SHY FX ft Agent Sasco – “Amazing


In at track number 3, we’re thrilled to present to you this amazing fusion of reggae and drum n’ bass. We see Voltage, one of the most exciting and upcoming D&B producers in the scene, link up with the veteran Jungle/ Drum n’ Bass DJ & producer SHY FX, who has scored several UK hits and has significantly helped the genre achieve mainstream acceptance. The two producers have lined it up perfectly for Agent Sasco (Assassin) as the Jamaican artist cruises through the body bopping production with an unforgettable performance. A definite summer tune full of energy and reggae vibes, what else could you want? It’s amazing! Available to stream on Spotify, Apple & YouTube! 

Check out the official music video down below! 

Track 4 (R & B/Soul) 

John Legend ft JID – “Dope


To wrap up this week’s Roundup, we choose a groove to end on. John Legend, American singer-songwriter, pianist and one of the 21st centuries R & B/Soul greats. We see him partner with talented Rapper and singer JID, who is signed to J. Coles’ Dreamville Records and Interscope records. On this track we hear a funky beat, with John Legend presenting majestic vocals that magnificently compliments JID’s style. JID seems to effortlessly glide over this first-class beat, produced by Ian Kirkpatrick & Ryan Tedder. Overall, a brilliant track with an unpredictable collaboration that works naturally. Available to stream on Spotify, Apple, Deezer & YouTube!  

Check out the official music video down below!

We really hope you enjoyed our picks for this weekly roundup! Send us feedback via our socials. 

Have a great week and see you in the next one!


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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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