Artist Focus: LeBuc

We’ve got chilled vibes for your Thursday!

Artist Focus: LeBuc

It all started on a trip to Amsterdam in ’99 where LeBuc was inspired to create more lounge/chill tunes after discovering the legendary Café Del Mar compilations at a local café. This epiphany led to the eventual release of his debut album entitled “Mandala Moods” in 2008.


It wasn’t until 8 years later that he would release a new single called “Chile” due to taking some time out. Fast forward to 2019 and LeBuc released “Around the World” which he says was inspired by different vibes found in various different countries.


I particularly enjoyed his 2020 release of remastered tracks from the vault that featured different historical recordings from famous speeches and/or events. He has assured the world that he has many more tracks to come.


Written and recorded at the end of summer in Denmark, “Going to California” is both a homage to the classic Led Zeppelin song as well as a homage to California itself and all that entails. This really shows with the track’s laid-back feel and just a hint of Scandanavian melancholy. This melancholy feel may come from the fact that LeBuc’s travel plans for the year were sadly cut short by the pandemic!


If you liked this track then be sure to check out his other 2021 release called “Islands”!

Written & Researched by Max Dervan



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