JayO rounds off 2023 with 1Xtra Hot For, No Signal Yearbook & MOBO Awards Nominations!

Inspired by a youth spent running around in church, or else visiting family in Nigeria, listening to Afrobeats and old school R&B at parties there, the unifying factor for JayO’s music is a desire to recreate the feeling those spaces gave him: “That feel-good music that you can still hit play on at a party even forty years later? For me, my music is an interpretation of that feeling…I make music that makes people feel good”

It’s a multi-genre sound he’s been honing since being a kid messing about on a laptop, alongside trips to his local youth club, getting behind the mic in the studio space there. To this day, many of the early takes of his music are made in his bedroom, singing into a mic with his laptop perched on his legs. It’s perhaps this that lends JayO’s sound a particularly warm sense of intimacy. On his forthcoming music, JayO is building on that gentle feel-good vibe. He may just be getting started, but his journey is already one filled with tantalizing promise.

This is music that brings to life the exciting caress of connection, the heady, nocturnal locking of eyes with someone at a party, and the heat of what is left unspoken. Like the artist himself, this is a sound that reverberates with the exploration of possibility

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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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