The Weekly Roundup 15.07.21

Another week, another mix of the best new music!

This week we’ve been loving the sounds of Lady Ice, Dreya Mac, Mo Eazy and Raveena.

Lady Ice (Pictured top left) recently dropped the track ‘NO ID’ which features The Heavy Trackerz and Kyze. She’s been causing currents in the rap scene and her tenacity and talent only forecasts for a storm. In an interview with Amor Magazine (Nov 2019), Ice described her self and sound as:

“Vibrant, flavoursome, versatile young diamond in the rough. With a strong business mind. As much as I’m colourful with a ball of energy and positive outlook on life, I have a major story of hardship to tell.”

‘NO ID’ and the rest of Lady Ice’s tracks will resonate with fans of Lady Leshurr, IAMDDB and Ms Banks.

Dreya Mac (pictured top right) is one to watch. Straight out of Brit school, Mac scored over 350,000 Spotify streams on her first release ‘Skippin’ in April last year. Describing her sound as ‘genre-less’  Mac shares she ‘will literally flip from neo-soul to an R&B feel to a drill beat, to an afro-swing feel’ (Notion Magazine 2021). Since her first release, three more tracks have followed which have hailed equal popularity amongst her growing fan base. Her most recent being ‘Time’ which we’ve had on repeat since it was released this May. Check our her Colours show of ‘Time’, it will not disappoint.

Watch Dreya Mac’s Colours show here:

Mo Eazy dropped his debut EP ‘Love & Vibes’ earlier this year. (Album artwork pictured bottom left). Combining his laid-back R&B with dance, pop and Afro influences, ‘Love & Vibes’ is projected to be one of the best Extended Play Album exports out of Africa in 2021 (Source – notjustokay website, Feb 2021). We are particularly digging his track ‘Better Love’ which you can catch on next Monday’s Weekly Round Up show between 4-6pm.

Last but not least is a track called ‘Tweety’ by Raveena. Drawing lots of inspiration from early 2000’s R&B and pop, Raveena states that her latest release ‘Tweety’ “is a really light and fun song about the very early stages of falling in love. It’s been so nice making some songs that are more reflective of that very indulgent and unadulterated kind of joy.“(Source PAPER magazine, Feb 2021).

Catch all this tracks and more on The Weekly Roundup, Monday’s 4-6pm.



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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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