The Weekly Roundup – 07.03.22

As per, we bring to you another Monday of great tunes for you to discover. Let’s take a gander at our top picks for The Weekly Roundup…


Track 1 (Pop/Urban)

Womack Sisters – “Blocked”

The Weekly Roundup – 07.03.22

As the granddaughters of the legendary Sam Cooke, daughters of renowned songwriters and producers Cecil and Linda Womack (of Womack & Womack,) and nieces of singer-songwriter and R&B icon Bobby Womack, music is in their blood. Taking the American R&B and Pop scene by storm, the music industry welcomes a new generation of royalty with BG, Zeimani, and Kucha, the three gifted and soulful siblings who make up The Womack Sisters (TWS). Although the best friend trio inherited the legacy of musical giants, they are forging a new path with their most recent self-penned single, “Blocked”. Living in the glow of their family legacy, the sisters are now ready to step into the spotlight, share their talents with the world, and introduce a new wave for their generation.


Track 2 (Americana/Adult Contemporary)

Chris St John – “Fly Away”

The Weekly Roundup – 07.03.22

Chris St John has been on a roll these last 2 years, having written dozens of songs which appear on 2 albums. His first album, released in 2021, I’m Dreaming, gained critical acclaim and commercial success. The album had four chart toppers on the Worldwide and European Indie charts, including “I Called you Rose”, which climbed all the way to No. 3. Fly Away is set to soar. The title track is a soulful, poetic, and powerful song about the birth of his son John, and the times Chris spent with him from childhood through his recent admission to college. He wrote the song as his son was preparing to head off to college. All parents with children who have left the nest can relate to St John’s heartfelt lyrics: “I just held you I cannot believe it/You’re heading off to live on your own/A Million hours, tears joy laughter/I treasured it all, the best years I’ve known…”

The song is set for release on February 25, 2022, his son’s birthday.


Track 3 (R&B/Soul)

Sandy T – “Fall 4 You”

The Weekly Roundup – 07.03.22

“Fall 4 You” was written during the pandemic, when singer/songwriter, Sandy T, thought “all hope was lost on finding love again” after her marriage had ended. She wanted to “write about this feeling when you meet someone new after the big fall, when redemption hits and hope isn’t lost and you feel trusting again”. Sandy T describes writing about love feeling like “lightning striking your heart and body, the shooting stars representing their love as you fall for them”. The song developed by only sending the topline melody and lyrics to the UK dynamic Famed Duo, Rob Manzoli and Sue Brooks, P-Funk UK. They set out to producing/mixing and composing the music to the toplines. Sandy T gives credit to Rob Manzoli, who is “an amazing musician, alongside his partner Sue (a top producer/engineer/writer)”, and helped put the music to her vision”.


Track 4 (Hip-Hop/Hispanic)

Luigui Bleand – “Gomelo”

The Weekly Roundup – 07.03.22

Luis Silverio Silverio, better known in the world of art and entertainment as Luigui Bleand, is a Dominican singer-songwriter, producer and musician.

Born in Haiti on February 24, 1991. He grew up and lived all his life in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 13 he has his first contact with music building his dreams from small private studios. Then he started recording with the most recognized singers of the Bride of the Atlantic in a small recording studio that he had already set up, until he decided to move to Santo Domingo to work in studios where he wrote, produced and recorded his own songs. He has been the basis of the success of more than 15 artists and has developed his career with numerous digital projects. He is currently working on his own records, has released one album and is working on his second.


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