‘Ameno Amapiano Remix’

Goya Menor & Nektunez
‘Ameno Amapiano Remix’

(B1/Ministry Of Sound)

‘Ameno Amapiano Remix’ by Nigerian singer/rapper Goya Menór and US-based, Ghanaian producer Nektunez has been causing a stir in the clubs, on the radio, across Tik Tok and peaked on Spotify’s global chart last week. Now picked up by the Ministry Of Sound, this track is emerging as one of 2022’s first worldwide hits!!

Goya Menor

Fast-rising Nigerian singer Bright Goya, whose stage name is Goya Menor, is the star of the moment & man behind the track. The 26-year-old singer, rise to fame in the last six months. It was not until December 2021, did the track begin to gather momentum, even beyond the shores of Nigeria, especially on social media.


NobleZogli, publicly known as Nektunez is a Ghanaian Multi-Genre record producer, singer, songwriter, composer, and entrepreneur. A product of the prestigious University of Ghana with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Nektunez developed an interest in music early in life working with other musically inclined artists. He also honed his skills playing traditional and percussion instruments since high school while learning how to compose music on his own spending countless hours in the studio to perfect his craft. This allowed him to develop a unique sound, which makes his production stand out. Nektunez production style draws

influence from a few producers whom he still looks up to to this day like Kygo, Don Jazzy, JR ROTEM, DJ Khaled, Bon Iver, and Kanye West. “For me, it’s all about mood and deep hypnotic grooves, leaning into those intoxicating elements that leave you unconsciously tapping your feet and nodding your head, regardless of genre

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