Flyo x Ms Banks “Still The Best” (Ultra Music)

Flyo x Ms Banks
“Still The Best”
(Ultra Music)

Continuing to leave a firm imprint on the UK rap scene, North London producer-artist extraordinaire Flyo follows up on previous heater “Hoodies, Gloves” alongside RV, LD and Youngs Teflon with brand new banger “Still The Best” featuring the hottest female rapper in the UK game right now in Ms Banks.

Known for his hard-hitting drill beats, Flyo switches it up with a Hip-Hop inspired instrumental with all the nonchalance of the East Coast sound. Taking centre stage, Banks delivers and then some with the undeniable boss energy and slick wordplay that has taken her to the top of the ranks in this current crop of UK rap talent. Coming through with a lavish new video that casts Banks as UK rap royalty, ‘Still The Best’ is poised to make a lot of noise.

With his debut EP Supafly dropping last year and featuring a mix of the most exciting rising and established artists in the UK with Tiny Boost as well as Skrapz and Suspect making standout appearances, this new banger serves as the second single from his forthcoming second EP Supafly Strikes Back – out end Feb/ March.

Flyo proves he’s one of the most talented and well-respected producers in the game with the pedigree to bring the best out of top talent and Supafly Strikes Back already feels like a project that will continue to underline Flyo as one of the UK’s most exciting new talent.


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