By now it is no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the events industry as a whole. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed the UK’s most beloved annual festival events cancelled time and time again with seemingly no end in sight. But is that all about to change?

Fortunately, the answer is yes! It seems there is light at the end of the tunnel for festivals with the recent success of government-backed “pilot” events such as last weekend’s Download Festival Pilot in Donington Park. Initial reports from the event have been extremely positive which is spectacular news for the events industry this year as it shows that events like these can go ahead safely and enjoyably. It was reported that people were able to drink, dance and be merry in close proximity for the first time in months due to having provided PCR tests prior to arrival and another 5 days after the event.

Some form of normality is exactly what we like to hear!

The lifting of restrictions on July the 19th cannot come soon enough for all of us here at AFRO*DISIAC Radio. This news has certainly bolstered our confidence that the first-ever Bournemouth Reggae Weekender will be a breath of fresh air for all of us and a chance to celebrate our newfound freedom together in unity.

In case you missed it, the Bournemouth Reggae Weekender is set to go ahead from Friday the 30th of July to Sun

day the 1st of August. We are ecstatic to see the return of live music across the country and we hope to see you there.


Written & Researched by Max Dervan

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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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