Chiedu Oraka unveils his new single!

Chiedu Oraka unveils his new single ‘Rhythm Of My Pain’ which arrives with the announcement of his debut mixtape and lengthiest project to date, Misfit, out April 26 on EMI North partner Launchpad+. 

Born from the belly of the beast in Hull’s council estates, Oraka’s bars are unflinching social poetry that portrays the Black, working-class experience from the frontlines of the north – with lashings of its colorful slang for good measure. “The Black Yorkshireman” is a representative of a new sound and a fierce amplifier of stories yet to be told in the depth they deserve.

The new single ‘Rhythm Of My Pain’ sees Chiedu Oraka wear his vulnerabilities as his armor. The beat bounces with crowd-igniting flair, but beneath the surface, there is a world of substance to explore. He lays his experiences with mental health on the table, finding the words for those who struggle to find them; he details the pressure that comes with actualizing your dreams, overcoming oppression, and untangling his roots, while still having that white-knuckled determination to succeed not only for himself but his community.

Speaking on the track, he shares: “‘Rhythm Of My Pain’ is that real take-it-or-leave-it sort of rap. Accept me for who I am or do one – it’s as simple as that. I’m talking about my mental health, the responsibility I have in my community, and my acceptance of my imperfections. It’s uncut, raw, and passionate.”

Oraka is a force to be reckoned with in the northern arena, but his successes chart on a national – and global – scale. His breakthrough hits ‘Darcy’‘Men Behaving Badly’ and ‘Flex’ garnered streams in the millions and found champions in The GuardianMixmagi-DThe Quietus, and TRENCH. The collision of his personality-fulled floor fillers, diaristic lyrics and high-octane stage presence has earned him support slots with StormzyNovelistAkala, and US hip-hop legend KRS One.

‘Rhythm Of My Pain’ accompanies the announcement of his biggest project so far, Misfit, a hard-won statement of the artist Chiedu Oraka has evolved into being after defying the odds. This time, he’s going deeper on both fronts – the anthems and the message – than ever before.

Having concluded his debut UK headline tour, he’s ready to take his momentum to a whole new level in 2024 with an announced performance at SXSW in March – and that’s only the beginning of what lies ahead for Chiedu Oraka.

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