Artist Promo – PT The GospelSpitter “SfTK Remix” feat. Emcee N.I.C.E. and J-NiBB

[Pop, Hip-Hop, Christian]

Independent Artist Christian Music Association-winning singer, rapper, songwriter Ashante P.T. Stokes aka PTtheGospelSpitter started as a backing vocalist in R&B and Hip Hop and has gone on to become a rising gospel artist.

Who Is PTtheGospelSpitter?

Early releases like “Understanding God” and “God is Love” established his appeal to R&B and Gospel fans which helped to make his single and music minifilm “Salvation RMX” an audience choice success. The original version of “SfTK (Feat. Emcee N.I.C.E.)” was No. 1 on both BDS Gospel and CHH (launched March 2021) charts the first half of 2021. PT’s current single “Live in Me (Feat. Miquel)” is in the top 100 Billboard Gospel Indicator; iTunes top 100 Hip Hop US and UK charts, and a 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee (Hip Hop).

South to the North

PT is from Atlanta, Georgia where he was raised as a youth chanter at Wheat Street Baptist Church and playing hand bells at Hillside Presbyterian Church. His mother sang in the Gospel choir which traveled in the US and abroad often with PT in tow. He lived in Georgia until age 13.
His parents moved to Connecticut where he attended middle school at Woodrow Wilson and high school at Middletown High. He began singing for talent shows at schools and at Christian work camps supported by the Presbyterian Church the family attended. His music of choice was R & B.

The Ohio Valley
His senior year of high school he won both the indoor and outdoor state dash titles and accepted a track scholarship to Ohio University in Athens. PT still competed in talent shows and performed during artist showcases on campus. He also accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was baptized, joining the local Church of Christ.

Welcome (Home) to Atlanta

PT returned to Atlanta after graduation. Upon his return from IMMERSE PT has had the opportunity to work with classical Soprano, Maria Clark as his vocal coach and a series of professional engineers and producers. The rest he is proclaiming – Lord willing, of course – as history in the making!

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