Artist Promo – Mr. Red Carpet “Huh”


Coming out of Fayetteville, NC, Mr. Red Carpet stepped into the music industry in 2020 and has since been on an upward trajectory onto the radar of rap fans locally and internationally. His hit single “Japanese Stick” had the streets turnt alongside his EP of the same name and his “Stamped and Sealed” EP. His abilities were questionable when it came to his pemmanship and skills on the mic. Mr. Red Carpet has the talent, the bars and the intensity on the beat that has seen him grow from a newcomer to an MVP in the rap game and he is only getting warmed up.

Mr. Red Carpet has accomplished massive achievements to date. Not only has he toured with Ugly Money Neichi after winning their Ugly Money Showcase, but he also won Moneybagg Yo’s, Bread Gang Tour Talent Search over 500 other artists. Mr. Red Carpet has been blazing a path to greatness without showing any signs of easing off the gas. He keeps the quality music coming and his next viral sensation will be his single “Huh”.

Mr. Red Carpet slides through clean on the hook delivering one of the smoothest flows to grace on a hip-hop beat. Somehow, Mr. Red Carpet has taken the drill sound and created his own signature style making it appear effortless, but that’s far from the truth. It takes versatility from a creative artist like Mr. Red Carpet to pull off. The term “Huh” for the track originated from street slang he grew up using and is incorporated into the song as a response to anyone talking slick but when in person, they pretend it’s all cool with a whole different attitude. Give the track a listen via the YouTube link below:

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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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