Artist Promo – Rob Autio “Hold On”

Rob Autio is a rising producer putting the Cayman Islands on the map with his playful and eclectic sounds borrowing from various genres including House, Trap, R&B and Drum & Bass. Exposed to the music scene through studio-time with friends and producers helping to write songs, Rob launched himself into learning how to produce in 2011 with his own set-up.

Artist Promo – Rob Autio “Hold On”

Shaped by the household names of Tiesto, Timbaland, Linkin Park and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (to name just a few), Rob Autio’s growing discography is versatile and diverse.

‘Hold On’ is Rob Autio’s first break-away from his riddim collection since 2019, signifying a new era for the London/Cayman Islands producer. Citing Afrojack & Alesso as influences, this tropical house hook is an instant mood booster.

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