Artist Promo – Blo5k Lil A – “Beat It”


“I make music for hustlers and people who have experienced pain, wins and losses” explains hip-hop artist Blo5k Lil A, and this is the type of authenticity that caught the attention of FM radio and major labels across the nation as well as offered him the opportunity to work alongside 21 Savage, super producers Nard&B, Twysted Genius, Drumma Boy and Quay Global. His audience has grown tremendously over the years since the release of his 2015 single “It’s Time”, produced by Wheezy Beats and B-Racks, with him now boasting over 44,000 Spotify listeners. He’s performed across festival stages like A3C, SXSW, Hot  107.9 Atlanta’s Birthday Bash, Coalition DJs Anniversary concert and ATL Hip Hop Day, and stepped out of his comfort zone to model in the Dreamland NYC fashion show alongside fellow Atlanta rapper Lil Keed.

Keeping the momentum going, Blo5k 5 Lil A is preparing on the release of his debut album ’12-30-92′, after a series of releases with label mate Bla5er who he recently shared an Apple TV sync deal for their collaboration “Feels Good” for the series Invasion. “My first solo project is a major accomplishment” stated the rapper. He continues, “for me to finally be able to drop a solo project is a big improvement as shows signs of dedication, motivation and humbleness.”

Check out the audio of his single, “Beat It”, which was released on YouTube at the end of December. It’s a must-listen:


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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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