Lake Hills x Frythm Over You

Multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Frythm has teamed up with LA-based experimental artist Lake Hills on upcoming single, ‘Over You’ to be released on the 19th of January.

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The single precedes the release of their upcoming EP, Across The Room which was mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Daddy Kev (Ross From Friends, Flying Lotus, Shigeto) and is scheduled for release on the 2nd of February via Alpha Pup Records. Frythm and Lake Hills were responsible for the EP production and mixing.

As Lake Hills x Frythm, the duo have collaboratively infused techno-house rhythms with drum and bass grit. Frythm’s beats have received previous support from the likes of BBC Radio 6’s Tom Ravenscroft, Complex UK, KEXP, and more. The pair have already blazed their own individual trails across the US; with Lake Hills recently appearing at iii Points Miami, as well as collaborating with Ivy Lab on the IFG Tour. Frythm most recently performed at Leaving Records’ popular alfresco Listen to Music Outside in the Daylight under a Tree as well as multiple bills for Daddy Kev’s outstanding LA weekly Scenario with artists Little Snake and St. Panther.

From the very first session, the two producers laughed, danced, and enjoyed each moment. Frythm notes this as the driving factor behind the theme of the project, where both of them decided to make things they each liked and have a good time whilst doing it. They ensured there was never any high-pressure stress in the studio. Relying on each other for both the highs, and the lows. Whilst writing, the duo established a close trust in each other’s creative directions; organically birthing this excitingly experimental effort.

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