Artist Focus: The Honeyshotz

5-piece funk & soul outfit The Honeyshotz releases scorching EP ‘Lovin You’!

“The Honeyshotz is a band/project put together by Ian Stevens, the bass player from The Getup (Breakin Bread) and The King Rooster (Funk Night Records) as a vehicle to record and perform a collection of songs that were written by himself and some of the other musicians involved.

The band features Mark Claydon of The Getup / The King Rooster on drums and percussion and Lee Blackmore of The Getup on guitar. The man on the keys is Toby Kinder from The Gene Drayton Unit (Freestyle Records) and the vocals are taken care of by Sabina Challenger (formerly of The Getup and The Soul Grenades).

Additional musicians that appear on the album are Mark Norton, known for his work in The Fantastics (BBE) and The Gene Drayton Unit, on sax and flute, Freddy De Lord on sax, Tristan Gaudion and Achilleas Anastasopoulos on trumpet.

The songs are very much in the vein of The Brand New Heavies and have that summertime Acid Jazz / Soul Funk Vibe.”

“This Honeyshotz project is a body of work that excited me the first time I heard it, a few years ago. Therefore, once I knew the Superfly label was launching, these tracks were something at the forefront of my thoughts. Having caught up with Ian Stevens and Mark Claydon, it didn’t take too long for us to agree on how to move this forward. This project is very different from the label’s popular first release from The Organauts but we know is one that will excite all of you every bit as much, if not more.” – Pete Brady (Superfly Funk & Soul Club).

We’ve all been jammin’ to these guys this morning in the studio and think that you guys should do too! So give them a listen and let us know what you think as always on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Researched by Max Dervan

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