Album Promotion – SOLID DREAM “Like Roses”

SOLID DREAM have released their brand new album ‘Like Roses’.

These guys have been promoting their stuff themselves WORLDWIDE and their music has been played in various in-store playlists all over Europe. Behind SOLID DREAM are the songwriters Emin Gashi and Simon Nehlert, and their work has not gone unnoticed.

Album Promotion – SOLID DREAM “Like Roses”

Their track “LIKE I WOULD” from the album was released earlier this summer and by that point they already had airplay in 22 countries: Argentina, Aruba, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Ecuador, France, Germany and Greece to name a few!

“Like Roses” is now under contract with BMG PRODUCTION MUSIC since 1st December 2021. These guys are “looking forward to the future” and we can confirm that it’s looking incredibly bright for them!

Give “Like Roses” a listen by clicking on the playlist link below and let us know what you think!

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