Hosted by Tony De Chin, The Jazzy Groove Show is a fine blend of juicy jazz-funk and fusion complimented by the finest rare grooves and latin jazz, seasoned liberally with some sole steppin’ disco!

In DeChin’s own words:

“I started quite late in DJ terms. I was pushing 24 when I first picked up the mic and headphones in the last days of disco 1979. And oh what a year for that genre! Don’t get me wrong, the 80’s were really great for funk and soul (I pretty much loved it all) but they fade into insignificance (to my mind) when searching for the rare groove soul/funk and jazz of the 70’s.

My club experience came mostly between 1979 and 1989 in both Bournemouth and Poole. First couple of years I exclusively played jazzfunk/soul/latin/fusion at the likes of The 81 Club, JR’s Nightclub and The Exeter Bowl.

As the years went on, it quickly became apparent if I wanted to continue I might have to broaden my horizons just a bit. The 81 Club closed early 1980. Went on to become Faradays. Next up was a time at Manhattans situated on the site of what is now Dusk Till Dawn. I got involved with The New Romantic Thing back to back with my funk and soul faves. Next couple of years I did concurrently at Whiskeys and Magnums with occasional guest spots at Fernandos and The Spanish Club. Another couple of years on and I could be found at Thirstys, The Georgian Club and Coasters.  Here I specialised in jazzfunk/northern soul, motown and quite a bit of acid house.

Fast forward to the last 10 years or so, I did a stint on Community Radio off and on for a couple of years with the now Defunkt K1FM (K Bar) where I was let loose doing just about everything I’m currently doing at Afro*disiac Live. That was a good time for me then, as is now on the Jazzy Groove Show. 

Many thanks to all at Afro*disiac Live for this chance to showcase the music I love so much!”

The Jazzy Groove show streams on Afro*Disiac Mondays at 12:00pm (BST)


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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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