Inspired by the sounds of Amapiano, the Afro-house genre which emerged from South Africa, singer-songwriter Antonia Carrena’s latest single ‘Stick’ intertwines her rippling and soulful vocals with uplifting electronic sounds, lively percussion instruments and a gospel-tinged piano riff.

‘Stick’ has already received support from Reprezent Radio & Threads Radio, as well as gaining International plays in Nigeria.

Delivered through an R&B-infused pop sound that blends a mixture of uptempo and mellow tracks, Antonia Carrena writes songs that explore love, heartache, and knowing your worth.

Laced with harmonies inspired by 90s girl groups, such as Destiny’s Child and SWV, her affirming and introspective music displays her powerful and soulful vocals whilst leaving room to sprinkle softer moments.

Raised in Somerset in the South West of England, the singer-songwriter began writing poetry and songs at the age of 10, with her sister often accompanying her on the guitar. She was brought up by her English foster family in Somerset and her British-Nigerian mother and family who she would regularly visit in London.

Elements of pop, R&B, neo-soul, blues, Hip-Hop and Afrobeat can be heard throughout Carrena’s music which reflects the different cultures and influences that make up her personal identity.

Instagram : @antoniacarrena
Twitter : @antoniacarrena


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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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