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A previous blog I recently did for Afro was made up of a number of different tracks that I was currently enjoying a lot and playing often. But I’ve decided to focus this one on an Artist that I think is going to be doing massive things in the future.

Demo Taped is an Artist from Atlanta, Georgia and is made up of 18-year-old Adam Alexander. Adam produces, writes and sings on his tracks and the sounds he is currently creating are extremely refreshing and offer a very new sound.

In an interview done with Demo Taped, I spoke to him about the music he’s created so far and what his intentions are for the future. His most recent track that has now been uploaded to ITunes, ‘Open Arms’, involved a collaboration with RKCB, who have also been producing a lot of great music recently. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Demo Taped told us the track was created in just one day.

DT: “ I was in California, I had these sessions set up and they (RKCB) were one of the people I was working with. So I get to the session and you know, you’re never going to know how things are going to work out in a session with a stranger, if you’re going to vibe or if you’re going to really click. But, ‘Open Arms’ was the first thing we worked on and we finished the book of the track in just one day. It was really great, I haven’t really worked with anyone else where immediately the first song we work on, is the one we finish.”

And if that is anything to go by, I would definitely advise looking out for Demo Taped’s future work. If he’s made a track as good as this in just one day, then I can only imagine the great tracks that are yet to come.

I feel the personality and emotion that Is accompanied by the chill, mellow beats within his music is what stands out to me even more so. The interview taught me how some of his music was created for somebody very close to him, someone he’d promised to finish the track for, you can feel that personal emotion. This personality that is shown through Demo Taped’s music really adds another element. One song this is emphasised in is Game On, which demonstrates his battle with anxiety. A clear demonstration that a positive can always be made out of a negative, because let’s be honest – it’s a banger.

As for the future of Demo Taped, it definitely doesn’t end here. For a guy who never thought he would leave Atlanta, currently touring around Europe, life is good. There’s even an idea of him creating short films to accompany his music which personally I think would be ace.

I have also recently visited a gig of his at Troyganic, London. I can safely say it was a faultless performance and he really does do it all, whilst looking so happy doing it! A great venue and a great experience had by all. Please, take my word for it and check him out – you wont regret it!



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