The Pathetic Fallacy of Music

The past 2 Blogs I’ve done for Afro have been pretty serious. But with this recent sunny weather and the positive vibes it brings with it, I’ve decided to make this blog solely on music. There’s no doubt, the sunshine makes everything better. People are notably more cheerful and smiley; you don’t have to prepare yourself for a massive storm on your morning journeys. And – doesn’t the sun just make music that even bit more enjoyable?! I spend a lot of time researching into new music and new artists to find audio for my current radio show and the following are some I’d like to share. These are all still currently free downloads on Soundcloud – so act fast!

PANTOUFLE – by Blowsome

I always think you can tell whether a track will be good or not from it’s starting beat and this one is definitely a winner on that one. I just feel like this is such a typical summer track, nice and chilled and perfect for a garden barbecue. I usually am a fan mainly of house tracks, soul/funk house and so on but this track definitely makes an exception. Blowsome is a French author, composer & performer living in Brighton, UK. His Soundcloud is currently only presenting 3 tracks so far, but keep an eye on him.

Walk with Me – by Cosmos Midnight feat Kucka (Swindail Remix)

Another very summery tune. One thing that I personally love about this track is the feel of a steel drum type vibe (I’m not sure what instrument/tech is used to create the sound – but it’s great!). I think Cosmos midnight did a great job using Kucka as the voice for this one, it brings an almost Alunageorge type feel, which is always a good thing. Obviously the track without the remix is still amazing, but the Swindail remix for me just pushes it up a tempo or 2. Believe me, a stroll in the sun with this on is definitely worth a download. Cosmo’s Midnight are a duo of twins from Australia, Sydney and already have a great number of very good tracks up on their Soundcloud, so have a listen.

Whipped Cream – By Martin Gutierrez

This track goes to show you don’t need some ridiculously good lyrics to make an Ace summer track. The sample alone works with the instrumental and anything with a saxophone incorporated is going to be a good’n. Apart from the fact that this is a great track, previous work by Gutierrez is also definitely worth a listen and if the tracks alone are not enough to convince you, he is only fifteen years of age!


By Georgia Peglar

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