With amazing, faultless performances from a variety of artists, such as Rihanna, Adele and Coldplay, The Brit Awards were a total success – for some.  However, it is plain to see that there was clearly an issue; with the lack of diversity at this year’s Awards Ceremony.

Over recent years, Grime music has become ever increasingly popular. In the current charts, urban artists such as Stormzy, Skepta and JME are frequently making appearances – and that’s what The Brits are about, aren’t they? Celebrating and rewarding popular music, from a selection of artists. Nevertheless, skimming through the nominees for the 2016 awards, there is an evident lack of diversity, particularly amongst Grime artists. The hasthag “#BridVidStormzy” was created by fans during the Brits on Twitter, as a protest against the lack of Grime artists being present within the Best British Video Award (the only award with any general public influence).

With music genre aside, more alarmingly a total of one black artist, was nominated for an award within the British nomination categories. This person, Nathan D. Duvall, is a part of the Disciples trio, who were nominated for the award “Best British Single” after collaborating with Calvin Harris. A white male. It shouldn’t be the case that particular award ceremonies, such as the MOBO’s, are one of the only times a certain race or music genre can truly be celebrated.


In terms of how the voting procedure for The Brits works,
“The Voting Academy is made up of over 1,000 music enthusiasts representing every sector of the music industry. […] The list of eligible artists, albums and singles is made available to the Academy members via a secure online Voting Academy website where they will select their top five choices in each category, and this will result in the shortlist of nominees”.
So sounds about fair, right? A range of representatives, there to ensure that there are no minority groups that can be identified. Yet minority’s are still present. So maybe, this lack in diversity is genuinely just down to a certain type of music or particular artists being better… (Seriously?) It’s subjective, in the same way other award shows have been scrutinized for not being representative. Perhaps it will only be when we the public, are allowed to vote ourselves, that we will see a better example of diversity among Media Award Ceremonies.



By Georgia Kate Peglar

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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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