Artist Promo – DOMMO “Silver Lining”


Due to a very rough upbringing, DOMMO whose real name is (Dominique Lloyd) aka DOMMO one of thelead singers in recording artist group “GOLD STANDARD LTD” has spent most of his life traveling between Dallas/Fort Worth Texas and Toldeo Ohio where he was born. The 2nd oldest of 5 siblings, growing up in a poor lower class enviorment only made his desire to someday step out and pursue his very talented skills of art and music.

So far his love of music is winning out, not to say his art credentials have receded but merely put on hold. DOMMO started out writing poetry which in turn helped develop versatality with his diverse style and sharp lyricism.

While quiet and very observing most times, for thiose that truly know him, see him as compassionate and very supportive in promoting positivity in himself and his peers.

As the 3rd founding member of recording group (GSL- Gold Standard LTD) who broke out with the highly appraised single “Party Don’t Last” is now releasing his new single titled “Silver Lining” which is gaining rave reviews on the Walking Tall Record Label.

Check out “Silver Lining” via the link below:

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