Artist Promo – Chris St John “Hold On”

Hold on is a about the struggle we face in deciding whether to search for greener pastures or be happy with what we have.    The internal fight that takes place is laid bare in St. John’s story telling as is the conclusion he draws – “Hold on to what you’ve got/need; I believe in love.”

We worked as a band during the sessions, and the production value on this album is very high. I’ve always written songs for me, to express my joys and release my sorrows, and my songs are authentic. I didn’t write to make hits — I wrote to express myself — for the love of it. I am an optimist, despite life’s trials, and I pray my sense of hope speaks to people in a meaningful way. I want people who listen to enjoy the music, but also pay attention to the lyrics, since those are such a big part of who I am as an artist. I try to craft words like a sculptor, keeping at them until I get every word, line, and nuance right. One wrong word can ruin an entire song.” He continued during the interview, “I think the timing of my emergence as an artist is just right, because the songs I’ve recently written have a level of experience, maturity and depth that I couldn’t have expressed in my 20s – just as songs I wrote back then would be impossible to write now,” he adds. “Whether the songs I write are happy, sad, whimsical, or deep, almost everything I write comes back to hope. I am positive and grateful for everything I have. Perseverance and living life in the moment has always been a big part of me and my music.”

St John’s voice is velvety and clear on the album’s ballads, and heartfelt and rocking on the up-tempo songs. His tenor voice has remarkable range and clarity, and his different way of attacking his vocal parts on each track make it hard to believe it’s the same singer throughout the album. His voice has a uniqueness that pulls you in and makes you feel welcome, like he is your friend. His songs offer deep, thought-provoking timeless poetry. Though generally personal in nature, his material offers an ongoing, freewheeling celebration of the music he grew up on and which inspired him to work towards his goal, now coming to beautiful fruition, of becoming a recording artist himself. In addition to Simon, chief influences include The Beatles, Eagles, Cat Stevens and the Grateful Dead. St John’s songs are unique though, and it is hard to characterize the genre of his work.

Listen to “Hold On” via the following link:

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