The 24 Spin Mix Show


Hosted by SleekRay


The 24 Spin Mix Show focuses on MixShow DJ’s mainly on the R&B hip hop & dancehall tip….Each week bringing a different mix Show and different DJ’s Stay tuned!!!

A humble yet passionate DJ, SleekRay’s feel-good urban music comes from the heart, influenced from the old school sounds of his Uncle Lenny, and that funky kind of 80s / 90s R&B and hip hop you just can’t help

but nod along to.

“It all started for me back in Uganda where I was born. During my high school, my uncle had a sound system (Studio 5) and I used to tag along go to house parties.” After moving to London in ‘95, SleekRay started DJing at house parties for friends. “It started escalating, I was getting a reputation for keeping it real! I started doing local bars and small clubs in North London, like Autumn House in North Finchley, Manjaro in Holloway and Cherry tree in North Finchley”

From there, SleekRay landed a residency at the infamous nightclub Café De Paris (VIP Room) in central London and also worked on Rotation with Progressive Entertainment, on events like Poetry n Motion. After having several residencies at several London Venues, the DJ made the move to the South Coast with his family. “Of course I miss the massive events and the buzz of London, but I couldn’t wish for a better life than what Bournemouth offers.”

With that, SleekRay believes that his experience in the city can be replicated on the English South Coast. “I offer something different, something new, in the form of The 24 Spin Mixshow. SleekRay offers a “party vibe” to Afro*disiac keeping true to the underground sound. My music is the kind of stuff you put on to get you hyped up for the evening.”


Catch The 24 Spin Mix Show on Afro*Disiac Live Radio Saturday’s at 8PM (BST)

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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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