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Omarion is one of contemporary R&B’s greatest all-around entertainers. A multi-platinum certified and GRAMMY® Award-nominated singer, actor and producer, Omarion is a 21st century superstar of the first order.

In 2014, he released his biggest hit to date with the triple platinum-certified “Post To Be” [featuring Chris Brown & Jhené Aiko] and a critically acclaimed full-length album, Sex Playlist [Maybach Music/Atlantic Records].

Complex applauded the album as “one of the most mature, refined, restrained male R&B projects from a major artist this year.” However, in the midst of these musical accolades, something even bigger happened for the multi-platinum Grammy Award-nominated singer, producer and actor. The recent birth of his first son, Capitalizing on that groundswell of inspiration, he stayed in the studio and kept writing music…this creative flood ignited the spark for his fifth offering, REASONS [Maybach Music/Atlantic Records].

“I wanted to create a full body of work,” he goes on. “It’s about making something people can enjoy in its entirety.” Omarion knows there’s more than one reason why the best is yet to come though. “There are so many reasons why I’m here today,” he leaves off. “There are so many reasons why I still do music. There are so many reasons why a lot of people counted me out, but I’m here. There are so many reasons I live the way I live. This is my experience from age 14 to 30. REASONS is who I am.”

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