Nottingham’s Bru-C kick starts 2022 with new single!

A voice of the UK underground music scene, Bru-C has quickly become one of the most infamous figures across UK Bass, Bassline, UK Garage, and Drum & Bass

Today he shares his new single; the euphoric and anthemic “Paradise” Produced by DnB legend Wilkinson. The new music begins a 2.0 era for Bru-C, who has just signed to 0207 Def Jam, with this being his first release on the label

Hailing from Derbyshire but now based in Nottingham, Bru-C connects emotionally, speaking to his past self, and lyrically discussing the emotional journey he’s been through, his love for family and friends and looking forward to his future and return to live performance

Nottingham-based Bru-C is a huge and magnetic personality. Known for his humor and stunts, Bru-C has done it all – even performing a new single from an ice cream van during the Euros.  Earning an enormous and loyal fanbase, Bru-C has accumulated 152 million collective audio streams – with standout tracks“You & I” and “Streetside” achieving 15 million and 5 million views respectively

Through his own projects and further releases, with the likes of CruCast, the UK Bass scenes top label, Bru-C has earned his right to be considered one of the best in the scene and has the repertoire to back it up. He has worked with names such as Example, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Mr Traumaik, Devilman and Duskee, as well as producers such as Jamie Duggan, Skepsis, Simula, Holy Goof and Shapes

Bru-C continues to elevate the scene and the artists around him as he continues his rise to the top

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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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