Bournemouth Reggae Weekender 2021

Celebrating Bournemouth’s Rich Cultural Diversity.🙌🙌

Join us for the 1st Reggae in the Park event in Bournemouth where all come together to pay tribute to music adding to the thread that weaves the cloth of “togetherness and diversity” within Bournemouth.💚👫

Hosted at Kings Park, Kings Park with ease of access for first-class entertainment within the area. This Event is organized by Afro*disiac Live Radio

The weekender will concentrate its efforts on positive developments within the community and be another avenue to encourage tourism in Bournemouth with an emphasis on African-Caribbean style and culture.

A Great Event For All😀
Live performances from local and not-so-local bands, artists, and DJs delivering One Love message.💛❤️💚

Food, Glorious Food!👌
Showcasing the best street food Bournemouth has to offer, over 30 mixed stalls showcasing crafts, vintage clothing & much more. There will be delectable delights to tempt everyone.


July 5th 1948 was a historic moment in our country’s history. It was the day our pioneering National Health Service (NHS) was born, bringing free healthcare to everyone. We have treasured it ever since, but never more so since March 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic gripped the UK and utterly changed all our lives.

We have dedicated part of the Bournemouth Reggae Weekender 2021 to celebrate our frontline staff – our local NHS Heroes.

Bournemouth Reggae Weekender 2021

The organizers have added Friday 2nd July 2021 to the event schedule to exclusively host NHS Frontline heroes in line with NHS Frontline day 5th July 2021. All-day proceeds will go to The National Care Association.

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