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A-Star Ft Anguesomo
‘Last Dance’

(Say Less Records)

Following the success of previous single ‘Stepping Good ’which was ‘Record of the Week’ on both BBC Radio One and BBC 1xtra and eclipsed over 65 million TikTok views in 6
weeks. ‘Last Dance’ is a cool and sophisticated upbeat Afro dance track tapping in to the now globally dominating African sounds being heard on the coolest Hip Hop records by the
likes of Beyonce thru to the soulful house sounds of Black Coffee.

The single glides with A-Star’s effortless flow, he comments “I’ve been holding onto this song for over a year. This is a special one for me and now is the right time to share it.
Summertime vibes!”. His lead vocal showing an alternative and smoother side to the alterego energetic Dance challenge sound Production duties fall to long term collaborators
Bobbi Zion and Chriskillthatbeat, the producer genius behind Kupe and Balaya.

Additional vocals from female breakout artist Anguesomo – hailing from the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo. An Artist on the rise, she has already received a nomination
for Best Female Artist in her home country of Equatorial Guinea and has opened for the Grammy winning Nigerian artist Burna Boy. The pairing is yet another stunning
collaboration of UK and African influences.

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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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