Afro*disiac Radio Presenter Terms & Conditions 2020

(N.B Studio & Station Director referred in this agreement is Lionel Yafele – 07710227369)


  1. I will only play the genres of music profiled across Afro* disiac programming. I will not vary from the music content of the programme issued to the public under any circumstance without permission from Studio & Station Director
  2. I will attend and complete any training, identified, organised and run by Afro*disiac Radio or organised and run by Afro*disiac Radio training partners.
  3. I accept that it is my responsibility to inform Afro*disiac of any changes in my personal contact details such as my phone number email and home address.
  4. I will telephone Studio & Station Director immediately or give 5 hours notice if I am sick or 7 days notice when I will be on holiday.
  5. Buddy/Interim system: I accept and understand that it is my responsibility to contact the person whom I share a rota with or a current member of Afro*disiac Radio to make arrangement to present the show and telephone Studio & Station Director to convey the arrangements that I have made.
  6. I understand and accept that if I fail to turn up or do the above the following will be effective immediately.
    1. 1st occasion: First written warning issued.
    2. 2nd occasion: Final written warning issued.
    3. 3rd Occasion: I will be asked to stand down or leave Afro*disiac with immediate effect.
  7. I will be in the studio to present the programme 20 minutes prior to the programme starting to read and receive information and instructions and I will ensure the studio attendance sheet is filled in on arrival. I will ensure my mobile phone/s ring tone is switched to silent whilst in the studio. If I think I am going to be late, I will let the presenter on air know immediately. I understand I that must finish on time to allow the next presenter to start on time if I am late.
  8. I will not play adverts or read out flyers or posters without permission from the Studio & Station Director. I understand reading out flyers and posters is advertising that does not generate income for Afro*disiac so I will not do it. I understand that if I read out flyers or posters without permission this could result in a financial penalty or disciplinary action.
  9. I will only read out flyers and posters for charity organizations or charity events that are non-profit making. Afro*disiac must sign flyers and posters authorised for reading out on air. If I am not sure I will get clarification, ignorance is no excuse and will not be accepted.
  10. I understand that I am allowed to tell listeners the city or town on the night or day once at the end of the programme where I will be playing. I will not mention the names of anyone else playing at the event. I understand that it is the responsibility of the promoter to buy advertising on Afro*disiac to get the event promoted not me.
  11. I understand and accept that from time to time I will be expected to play or help on specific Afro*disiac fundraising events organised by management or persons nominated to organise the event and will assist with the promotion of these events via social media
  12. I will not voice adverts for advertisers that wish to purchase advertising slots on Afro*disiac and I will direct all enquires about advertising to the Studio & Station Director.
  13. I will not book venues in the name of Afro*disiac for my own personal gain or run competitions for promoters connected to nightclubs, dances etc.
  14. I will not read out or mention on air the name of any company, business or profit-making organisations that have donated prizes to me for competition without verbal or written confirmation the company has purchased advertising on Afro*disiac
  15. I will ensure commercial and community information adverts are played on time as instructed.
  16. I will not play records, CD’s, Jingles that contain, sexist, homophobic, threats of violence, abusive language, derogatory references to race, colour, creed, gays, lesbians, gender, threats of violence, glorification of drugs, knives, guns or use of the F, C, B or N word that breach Ofcom regulations, a copy of which can be read.
  17. I accept and understand that there is no watershed on Afro*disiac and that all genres of music played must be radio edits and will not offend children, adults or Afro*disiac
  18. I will not ridicule listeners, Afro*disiac volunteers; make racist, sexist or homophobic comments that might cause offence to anyone listening or Afro*disiac I will not swear or use threatening and abusive language that will cause offence and bring Afro*disiac into disrepute with Ofcom, listeners and volunteers of Afro*disiac.
  19. I will not make any reference or derogatory comments about sound systems, play sound specials or presenter name specials. I must get sign off from the Studio & Station Director before I play any of my own jingles on Afro*disiac Radio. I understand and accept that all jingles authorized and loaded into the system is the property of Afro*disiac and will be played by other Afro*disiac
  20. I will not smoke in the studio or on the premises and I will not bring Drugs, Food, and Alcohol into the Studio. I will not allow any of my guests to bring Drugs, Food, Alcohol or Drinks into the Studio or onto the Premises. Drinks must be kept well away from the broadcast desk at all times
  21. I will not bring any consumables with me into the studio and I will ensure the studio is left clean and tidy when leave.
  22. I will not touch or move web cams and I understand that if my guest’s or I are caught doing any of the things mentioned I will have deliberately broken this agreement and will not present a programme on Afro*disiac with immediate effect.
  23. Guest are allowed I will telephone or message Studio & Station Director to seek permission 48 hours (2 Days) before the proposed date that I would like to invite someone to the studios of Afro*disiac. I will give the name of the proposed visitors and the reason why the guests will be with me in the studio. I will ensure all guests sign the Guest Book in the Studio as a record of those who have visited the studio.
  24. I will telephone or message Studio & Station Director to get permission for any MC or Singer to perform freestyle live on air. I accept that it is my responsibility to tell my guests about Afro*disiac code of conduct before going air and if my guests breach any of the rules of this agreement I will be held responsible.
  25. I accept that if I bring a guest without verbal or written permission I understand that my guests and I will be held responsible and charged for any equipment damaged, broken or stolen whilst in the studio with me.
  26. A maximum of three or four people should be in the studio at anytime, not including Afro*disiac
  27. I understand and accept that Afro*disiac Radio will not be held responsible or liable for any of my own personal belongings or equipment that I have brought with me to use during the show or preparation of the show left in studio 1 or on the premises.
  28. I will ensure that the volume of the music can only be heard in the studio and not the entire building 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday. I will check that the music cannot be heard outside the studio to make sure Afro*disiac is not in breach of its tenancy agreement and lead to Afro*disiac being evicted from the Centre.
  29. Live on Air Telephone Calls:
  30. I understand and accept that it is my responsibility to inform the person on the telephone before putting the person live, that he or she should not ridicule Afro*disiac volunteers, make racist, sexist or homophobic comments, use foul and abusive language, make derogatory references on race, colour, creed, gender, threats of violence, glorify the use of knives, guns, drugs or use the F, C, B, or the N word to breach Ofcom regulations: NB: There is a copy online for me to read.
  31. I accept and understand if the person taking part in the live in interview fails to abide by any of the above I will switch off the telephone call immediately and apologize to Afro*disiac listeners and inform them that Afro*disiac does not support or accept the use of language that has caused offence.
  32. I will not read out text or email messages from companies, business or profit-making organisations or text and email messages from listeners that I do not understand that could offend listeners or members of Afro*disiac
  33. I will write on the fault log sheet rear of visitor book whatever equipment is broken or damaged and phone or message Studio & Station Director and report the equipment damaged or broken discovered whilst in the studio as soon as possible during or after my programme and I will inform the presenter on air after me.
  34. I must not give access to The Studio to anyone. I will telephone Studio & Station Director immediately if unsure.
  35. I will turn off the monitor speakers and ensure the exit door is shut securely if I’m the last person to leave the studio.
  36. I accept that this agreement is only binding for up to 12 calendar months from the date of signature and I understand and accept that every programme and the presenter (s) might change every calendar month at the discretion of Afro*disiac and does not entitle me to a permanent position as a volunteer or as a presenter on Afro*disiac. NB changes that affect you will be notified in writing.
  37. I understand and accept that attending meetings are very important for the well being of Afro*disiac and if I miss three consecutive meetings without a valid reason or offer an apology to the management committee my membership will cease with immediate effect after I have missed the third meeting.
  38. I understand and accept that if I use threatening and abusive language against members of the public, or my actions and behavior is reported in the newspaper and Afro*disiac is brought into disrepute with The Police, Ofcom, Businesses, Voluntary or Private Organizations when I am not on air, disciplinary action will be taken.
  39. I have read, understand and accept the above rules and the information in Afro*disiac Volunteers Agreement and I agree to adhere to all them of my own free will.
  40. When I have signed and returned this agreement I will be entitled to become a member of Afro*disiac for 6 months up to 12 months (membership dependent) from the date below, however my membership will be null and void if I breach any of the rules listed above, thereby dismissing myself through the course of my own actions.
  41. Key holders will use best endeavors to open up the studio for follow on presenters even if they are unable to do their show they make arrangements for follow on presenter to access the studio
  42. All payments should be 1st of every month. If you miss a payment and do not pay it within 14 days, we will automatically terminate your membership and all access
© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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