Debbie Ft Lucky Daye ‘Is This Real Love?’ Remix

Debbie Ft Lucky Daye
‘Is This Real Love?’ Remix(0207 Def Jam)Debbie’s talent and wisdom are not indicative of her young years. In addition to gracing her vocals across 5 tracks on Stormzy’s critically-acclaimed #1 album, “This is What I Mean”, today the British musician returns with a stunning remix of her debut single “Is This Real Love?”, this time featuring Grammy Award-winning, US star Lucky DayeProduced by British producer PRGRSHN, “Real Love” showcases an earnest and heartfelt plea for a connection that goes beyond surface level emotion and social media stunting. With the alternative version, Lucky offers up a delicate and emotive male perspective, allowing inner peace to take center stage throughout the soulful and ethereal adaptation

British Vogue – “Debbie has a raw, powerful voice and the pen to match – all of her singles showcase extraordinary vulnerability along with a wisdom far beyond her 23 years.”

The Times – “This south Londoner popped up on the latest album by Stormzy, who has called her “the Aretha Franklin of our time”; a bit much for a 23-year-old to live up to, perhaps, but listening to her soulful, expressive voice you do know what he means.”

NME – “This 0207 Def Jam signee has a once-in-a-generation vocal.”

The Guardian – “Debbie’s ascendance is one that feels imminent and worthy.”

Tipped for big things by critics for the year ahead, London-born Debbie has been singing since her early years. Raised on a restricted musical diet of Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin, the way music flows out of her makes her seem like a seasoned veteran; from her reflective but effortlessly relatable lyricism to her rich, resounding voice and her spiritual curiosity, she’s a careful blend of refreshingly new and intimately familiar

Though she has never sung publicly in church, singing has been a part of her for as long as she can remember. Cut to present day and catharsis is still at the heart of Debbie’s writing – a means of exploring new thoughts and expressing old frustrations.

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© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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