Ok so here is how to access and add/amend content to the new website.

First you need to login.

Just go there:
Login with your username and password.

Adding / modifying content

On the left menu click on “Posts”. You will see a list of all the existing posts. You can click on one of them to have a look.

All the blog posts and all the shows should be here. We will keep them apart using categories.

Basic stuff

Let’s try to add a new show:
– Click on “Add new”
– Put the name of the show at the top, for example “The cherry jam show”
– Put the time and day of the show just below the main text area, on the box called “Excerpt”. Try to be consistent, for example write: ‘Every Monday 6-8pm GMT’
– Put your text description on the main text area just below the title. Make sure you mention the most important stuff first, such as the type of music you play and what is special about your show. Make people want to come and watch you!


* If you only have one image (you need to have one minimum) – on the right click on “Set featured image” then “Select File”. Select a photo from you computer (large but not huge). Once the image have finished uploaded click on “Use as featured image” at the bottom. That’s it you are done and you can close the image window. I recommend here to have a fairly generic image, no need to have a banner that mentions again the name of the show, the website address etc… It is already all taking care of in the description text.
* If you have several images: On the main text editor, click where you want the gallery of images to be. then click just above the text editor, on the first icon on the right of “Upload/insert”. Click on “Select File” and upload all your photos. Once it is done click on “Save all changes” and then “insert gallery” at the bottom. You should see either a placeholder for the gallery or the code [ gallery ] (without space between [ and gallery)

(depending on which mode you are, I’ll explain later.)


– Now you need to select the right category. On the right a menu called “Categories”.
If it is a blog post just tick “blog”. If it is a show just tick “Show” and then the day of the week when the show is on air.
Then select the music genre – you must tick “Music Genre” first. Then if the music genre exists already, just tick it.
If not click on “add new category” and on –Parent category– select “Music genres”. Then enter the name of the genre. Try to keep it simple and avoid too many sub-genre. Then click on “Add new category” and it will be added to the list.
You can tick several categories for one show.

Save your work

Once you are done with all this you have the minimum for a post to be published. Click on “save draft” under “publish”. You can know preview your work. If you want it to go live just click the blue “publish” button.

Embed a previous show

Now if you want to include a previous stream here:
– The first thing is to understand the “HTML” mode. Just above the main text editor there are 2 tabs: “Visual” and “HTML”.
The Visual tab tries to simulate what the post is going to look like on the website. Sometimes though it will interpret the code you paste here and therefore if you paste the embed code from Ustream here it won’t work.
The HTML tab allows you to edit the code of the page directly. Click on this tab and then you can paste the embed code from Ustream.

How to get the embed code from Ustream:

– Go here http://www.ustream.tv/user/Afrodisiaclive/videos
– Find and click on your show
– Just underneath the video click on “Embed”
– You will find “Embed the live video player anywhere using the code below”. Set the width to 550px andcopy everything.
– Then go to your show page on Afro-Disiac, make sure that you are in “HTML” more (top right just above the content editor) and paste the whole code where you want it.
– Update your page – and the video should now show!

© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
© 2023 Afro Disiac Radio. All rights reserved. Website Developed by Tariq K.
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