IMPORT Presents WeAreTechnotik

With Robert Heinrich & Bartek Podsiadly / BrainzEdge

IMPORT presents:
“We are Technotik”

If it’s Techno it’s with us.

We connect people, promote shows and events, showcasing guest DJs and mixes, but most importantly…

We showcase sounds of Underground Techno from across the Europe and worldwide



Robert Heinrich (Active member of Republic Artists London)

Since he moved to Bournemouth few years back, he has also become a member of IMPORT



Bartek Podsiadly / BrainzEdge

Back in 2016 started PPPeventsUK & IMPORT in Bournemouth with IMPORT as an international event with roots in Poland, Bulgaria and UK. I then decided to hand over the direction of PPPevents to D-Vox in order to focus on the future of IMPORT